War of Conquest returns!

War of Conquest is finally coming back, and it’s better than ever. One of the first MMO strategy games, the original War of Conquest had a successful run from 2002 through 2011. The new game, already in development for over two years, builds on the essence of the original while featuring updated graphics and a far greater variety of tactical possibilities!

Thanks to our many generous backers, our Kickstarter campaign was a success! We’ve raised the funds needed both to make War of Conquest look and sound fantastic, and to relaunch it in today’s ultra-competitive gaming market. The next step is the testing phase, to work out bugs and fine tune the game mechanics. Open beta has begun, and you can download the game client here and start playing right now! Finally, the new War of Conquest is expected to be released for PC, iOS and Android later in 2018.

What is War of Conquest?


a single vast game world with thousands of other players. This is not one of those games where your kingdom sits alone on its own map. In War of Conquest your nation is deep in the fray, carving out a place for itself and fending off usurpers. Forge alliances with other nations to share crucial resources. Develop your nation on your own, enlist a team of friends to build your nation with you, or join forces with another player’s nation.


an ingenious system of defenses by combining dozens of different kinds of barriers, weapons and traps. Master strategies for defending the land and resources that your nation captures, and for neutralizing the strategies of your enemies. Your nation may be invaded over and over, but each time you’ll rebuild stronger and more adeptly than ever.


the lands you’ll need to support your nation, and capture and defend resources that will give your nation an edge in battle. Scattered throughout the landscape are Orbs, mysterious ancient relics that promise to imbue your nation with great power if you can manage to take possession of one and secure it from your rivals. As your nation advances you’ll make your way toward the harsher climes of the east, where greater rewards await… and where you may one day set eyes upon the mythical Orb of Fire.

Development Progress

Over two years of work have gone into the new War of Conquest so far. By leveraging the Unity game engine, we’re able to focus on developing and implementing a kick-ass game design while leaving the technicalities of 3D rendering, multi-platform compatibility and TCP/IP protocol to Unity. Programming is now mostly completed, and the Kickstarter campaign was a success. Over the few months before release we’ll be working to complete the art, sound, music, and other aspects such as language localization. The final phase will involve play testing, debugging and game balance.

  • Design & Content 97%
  • Programming 95%
  • Art 75%
  • Sound and Music 100%
  • Web and Marketing 55%

Development screenshots from the new War of Conquest

The Legacy

War of Conquest started out in 2002 as a Flash game. While its graphics were primitive, it was an innovative game in several ways. It was among the first massively multiplayer strategy games, and one of the first free-to-play games to utilize microtransactions and in-game currency. It also offered cash prizes to those players who were able to capture and hold the enigmatic Orbs of Power that dotted its virtual landscape.

Despite its outdated visuals, War of Conquest attracted a sizable following who found its gameplay addictive and valued the camaraderie they shared with its community of players. Five years after the servers shut down, War of Conquest players still have a presence on social media, where they’ve been clamoring for the game to make a comeback!

Screenshots from the original War of Conquest

The new War of Conquest is being built using the Unity game engine, and will feature vastly improved graphics as well as many more strategic possibilities. Players will be able to build a diverse array of defensive structures that can be combined in novel ways to protect the land, resources and orbs that their nation has captured from its rivals. The new game will not offer cash prizes as the original did — instead, the reward for capturing and holding the game world’s various orbs will be the earning of in-game currency, called credits, which may be used to buy resources and special technologies that increase a nation’s power. As before, players will also be able to purchase credits to expedite their nation’s achievements.

At its heart, War of Conquest will retain the spirit of the original. The game will continue to be about exploration, advancement, capturing and defending the land and resources needed to give your nation the edge in battle, and working both with and against other players to get ahead. The ultimate goal of the game will once again be the pursuit of the game world’s rare and coveted Orbs of Power — the nations who can hold these Orbs gain in both power and the respect of their fellows.

Latest News

Open beta has begun!

Tonight beta testing has begun, and War of Conquest is now open to all! You’re invited to log in anytime, see how the game’s development is progressing, and maybe run into some familiar friends (and rivals) from the original! You can download the game...

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Backers invited to log in to War of Conquest tomorrow!

The final countdown has begun… War of Conquest’s Kickstarter campaign ends in less than 48 hours! As a special thank-you, the game server will be open to all Kickstarter backers ($10 tier and higher) tomorrow (Wednesday) evening, from 6pm to 10pm EST. This...

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Stretch goals!

Today the War of Conquest Kickstarter campaign enters its final week, and as I write we’ve raised $7806 in pledges! Beating the initial $7000 goal puts us in a great position — but if we can raise more in these last seven days we’ll have the...

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War of Conquest Kickstarter goes live!

This is it: the War of Conquest Kickstarter campaign has begun! Starting today we have 30 days to raise the funds needed to finish and launch the new War of Conquest. These first couple of days are especially important, though — if we can quickly reach 30% of...

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