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War of Conquest 2.0
War of Conquest Forum Index » News » Topic: War of Conquest 2.0
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 27, 2011 3:24 pm    Post subject: War of Conquest 2.0 Reply with quote

As many of you are aware War of Conquest was acquired by Kete Games in May of this year. We at Kete Games are looking forward to bringing you a new and improved War of Conquest in the coming months.

We know there are lots of questions that you all want to ask, so we want to get some things out there right from the start.

What is changing: (This is by no means a complete list!)

1) Cash prizes will be gone. This is NOT by choice. However, War of Conquest and Kete Games are both based in the United States. As such we are subject to the laws of the US. In particular we are subject to laws in regard to online gambling, or the perception thereof. While our firm belief is that War of Conquest is NOT gambling of any kind, PayPal does not agree with this idea. We could hire lawyers and spend a great deal of time and resources fighting about it, or we could just use it as an opportunity to rethink how this game might work. We have chosen the latter.

2) War of Conquest will have a subscription associated with it. This will by no means be anything along the lines of $14.99 per month. Think more along the lines of a recurring monthly micro transaction. The target is to make it less than $5 per month per account. Your monthly subscription WILL include benefits like an allotment of credits each month, premium features, etc.

3) We are starting over. There will be a Hall of Fame for previous nation accomplishments, but when War of Conquest 2.0 launches, everyone will be starting from the same level playing field. This change is necessary for all players to be able to experience War of Conquest 2.0 in a fair manner. If we were to allow nations with tens of thousands of credits to compete directly with new players from day one, those new players would only stay and play for a very short period of time, this is not good for anyone.

4) The ability to merge many smaller nations into conglomerate super nations will be limited. This change will bring a competitive edge to the game and make wars between nations actually mean something.

Other burning questions:

1) We will attempt to pay ALL prize claims made up to the previously announced deadline. However due to the issues with PayPal, we CANNOT pay your claims via PayPal. As was previously announced, all prize claims will be processed via MoneyBookers. For those players who made claims and requested payment via PayPal, we will be sending you an e-mail to the address you provided when you made the prize claim request. If that e-mail address is invalid, we cannot process your prize claim and it will be forfeit.

2) Sometime before launch day, you WILL be able to claim ONE of your previous usernames to be used as your username in War of Conquest 2.0. It is strongly suggested that you keep a record or memorize the current username, password and e-mail address that you will want to be using. There will be some verification steps involved in order for you to be able to claim a name later.

3) As with usernames, you will be able to claim ONE nation name to be used at launch. The person claiming the nation name MUST have been the sovereign of that nation on the day that servers were closed for updates, AND that person must have already claimed and verified their username as above.

4) Again, both username and nation name claims will be available BEFORE launch day. Once launch day arrives, previous user and nation names will be up for grabs unless they have been claimed. Please be sure to claim your names BEFORE launch.

5) These forums will remain open for the next few weeks while we try to answer your questions. At some time before launch, these forums will be closed and then relaunched along with War of Conquest 2.0.

6) We aren't yet ready to discuss fine details about War of Conquest 2.0, or the major related release for 2012. We will try to answer your questions as best as possible, and will be providing information on an ongoing basis, but we will not address any questions that cannot be given a complete and well thought out answer.
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War of Conquest Forum Index » News » Topic: War of Conquest 2.0
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