Is some element of the game overpowered? Or useless? Is there a strategy that's unbeatable?
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What was the point of this? It seems you should either have this rule or a the borders, but both just seems silly.

In my opinion, you need to find a viable map size before you start to many balancing tweaks. To try and counter things currently happening in this small map you might just be adding work for something that wont matter or missing important things that when you scale up will wreak havoc.

We have what like 10-20 people currently playing and this map feels small. When more than a handful of nations can res, or when a solo player doesnt have to take from a team to res and start a fight they cant win just to try and play I think a lot of things will balance themselves out. Right now 90% of your time is spent taking and retaking res, and you hardly fight for orbs cause you almost surely pissed someone off to get resed up. Thats why the solo player is bored right now, in my opinion.

Forgive me if its nonsense, the wine is good tonight.
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