Alliance and energy, manpower storage

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Currently there is almost no reason to ally with anyone. I suggest a few small changes and updates to make the political side of the game more entertaining and useful.

The storage advances should be modified such as the fuel tanks and colonies.

as you research each of these techs it should increase the maximum amount of storage structures that you can build as well as the corresponding stat.
For example researching Fuel Tank 1 would increase your maximum storage by 2 and increase energy rate by 250 or researching Agro colony 1 would increase maximum storage by 2 and increase manpower rate by 250.
They should also have more passive XP bonus as the XP they give now is almost nothing.

Fuel Tank 1 - 100 xp
Fuel Tank 2 - 300 xp
Fuel Tank 3 - 1000 XP

also increase the stored capacity of the fuel tanks and colonies

Fuel tank 1 - 1000 energy
Fuel tank 2 - 2500 energy
Fuel Tank 3 - 5000 energy
Agro Colony - 1000 Manpower
Agro colony 2 - 2500 Manpower
Agro colony 3 - 5000 Manpower

I would also suggest adding in a 4th level that can researched at level 100
Fuel Tank 4 - 3000 XP , 25k energy
Agro colony 4 - 3000 xp, 25k manpower

Allow for the construction of an embassy that would increase your maximum alliance by 1 at a cost of 300 manpower and 50 energy

You can click a box to allow your allies to build defenses and walls inside your territory so that they can assist in your defense when your attacked.


Allow for a declaration of war
You have a limit to how many wars you can declare, but when someone that you have declared war on moves within range of your defenses they will automatically fire on them without having to be attacked directly. For example they occupy an empty space next to you, your defenses won't wait for them to attack you, they will go ahead and fire upon them as if that empty square they occupied was a direct attack.

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