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So I am and old woc player, loved it to death. I’m struggling hard in the new woc, it seems res is not balanced correctly or something. The older version of res was you can grab a certain type and have a fighting chance against the top nations because res was so versatile and stats varried .
The new way of res is only certain res help you be strong, most res seem to only give you energy and man power which do not help in beating an opponent, ok so get some of the res that do help, but there are 2 or 3 nations on all of them in the area and they are too stong to beat, you cannot get res or temps to beat them so how can you compete? There is no balance if 2-3 nations sit too stong to beat. I’m lvl 104 in the mid to higher range and I literally cannot do anything. I feel the old res strengths and different stats they gave to beat out other stats made it balanced. It is extremely hard to play and I want to play and have a blast and be as addicted to this version as I was the other one. Please please please rethink the res and impossible situation that exists right now. I do not want to leave, I love to play and want to in the future, new players most likely feel similar that only a few nations are in power and there is no chance. Please find time to reply Mike, and other feel free as well, but I had to express myself here.

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Hi Scott,
One issue that's been a problem lately is that some nations have been sitting on many more orbs than it should be possible for one nation to occupy. This causes them to have 0 manpower, but they don't need any manpower because the resources they have make them invulnerable to attack. This issue will be addressed with the next update. That should make resources a lot more competitive. If they still need balancing after that, suggestions will be welcome.

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