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Thu Dec 07, 2017 6:45 am


I regret to inform everyone that I will never again log into this game. For weeks I have been harassed by more than 20 people... bullied... picked on.. singled out... verbally abused and I cannot take it any more. If I am such a bad person that this community doesnt want me around... Mike.. enjoy my donation I am glad to help you anytime just let me know but I am unable to play your game buddy. Napolean, PP, duke, hump, Whatever other players are involved in the 12 man team.... All the players making nations like lokisucksdick and names like lokismama Have driven me to the point that Iam unwilling to play in a communiy with these peopple... I may even just kill myself. I hope you enjoy housing thhe filth of the universe because that is all you have here. good luck in the future.... but i will not be bullied, singled out, picked on, verbally abused and harassed any more.... I do not deserve it All I ever tried to do was stimulate this game and economy and get people playing more. I wish everyone the best in life.... mine may be over soon. You can only be told to just kill yourself enough times before you finally just do it.

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Thu Dec 07, 2017 6:49 am

I means eriously look ariound the map at all the nations form people launching personnal attacks on me... they are EVERYWHERE. and nothing is being done about it.

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Thu Dec 07, 2017 9:55 am

Try to ignore them.

Maybe lets get a mute option added (if it's not in already, haven't checked).

I have also seen nations called "lokisucksdick", this is harrassment, against the game rules (are there rules somewhere?) and common sense. Person who made that should get their key banned. I'm sure Mike can get that nations info from logs or DB.

Once the game goes free to play, things like there will increase. It's kinda a good thing to get resolved in alpha, people making free accounts and nations in the future are going to abuse it.

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Thu Dec 07, 2017 2:23 pm

I'm going to try to write my response without breaking Mike's rules here, but I feel that may not be possible. However, I feel that I need to address this and defend myself and my team.

Loki you spent the last two months attacking Nap everyday in chat even if he isn't online. 95% of the time unprovoked. You get mad that people hit back at you, but you started it all with Nap. You made this post for attention. You think something is owed to you because you donated more than others have. This is a war game, we hit you in the first test because you and slayer were the ones on top. There will always be someone on top. That's the whole point of a game. That person or team is always going to have a target on their back. Just like a championship sports team, everyone is gunning to beat them.

The verbal exchanges, and I say exchanges because it has come from both sides not just ours. All started because you were saying in chat all day long about how your the greatest woc player of all time and nothing anyone else accomplished ever happened.

The 12-20 man team your talking about is you being paranoid. I know you're getting this number from an exchange with PP, but you haven't verified anything. You don't really know who all is after you. If it is 12-20, which it may or may not be, there is nothing illegal about that. We are a team, teams are allowed. Even if Mike put a player limit on a nation, that would just make allow us to have more nations to hit you with than just the 2 that are out there now. We are a joint team, not matter what limitations are put on nation player limits. There's simply nothing you or Mike can do about it, sorry. Not trying to bully here, we are just all friends and organized outside of this game. We enjoy playing together.

The lokisucks player names or whatever your getting at, I think is fair game. If mike doesn't have a filter on a certain word set on the username, it should be allowed.

This is a war game folks. The banter, the in game hitting, thats all part of it. We are supposed to be fighting for orbs, resources, and land. If your mad because other players are more organized than you then that sounds like a personal problem bruh. There should be no favoritism to you just because you donated money. If you don't like who's on top, then form your own team to take us down.

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Thu Dec 07, 2017 4:26 pm


Let me get this straight, you throw up a sappy post and attempt to get sympathy for what you caused to yourself?

Was it not you that since day one of WoC opening, constantly insulted and badgered players during the test phase who wouldn't submit to you and your... for the lack of a better word "Loki-ism". Every day and night, you would OWN chat, and if anyone said anything you didn't like you would throw insults and Loki threats at them, but the best part is, no one complained or threatened to quit. You pissed off a bunch of people, and the whole concept of "My enemies enemy, is my friend" is what happened here. So in case you don't understand, let me give you a break down of what you had done since you clearly have no idea, or are too ignorant too realize... just for examples sake

Hump would be helping a player you would constantly be telling him he is wrong and didn't know what he was talking about, belittling his knowledge of the game... yet, he had not done anything to you. Here's another example,

Orcman - You constantly insulted him in chat over various different things verbally, calling him names etc and all he was doing was playing. He knows of other things as well.

DEA - When he tried to combat slayer, by simply playing the game for what it was, you did nothing but belittle his efforts. You joined Slayer and did everything you could to break the truce that DEA and Slayer agreed upon, simply to push your own agenda to "incite fighting" so god forbid DEA be upset about it.

Napoleon (Me) - I would constantly try to refresh your memory because you have this void where you feel you need to make up facts from old WoC, and as I correct you, you for some reason get "insulted" and begin attacking me and my playing career. That's fine and dandy, I don't care but you insulted me over things, all I did was try to assist you in remembering things. When you would take credit for other peoples accomplishment I would speak up about it because it's just WRONG.

Randak + Claw + other players - You constantly turned them against you through threats and paranoia of your "worry" of me and my teammates. Your insulting of them and attacking them for no reason while they are trying to learn was unneeded.

This is just a handful of players who have come together to get at you, There's at least 8 others I won't name who want a piece of you for your bragging, and illogical actions. You push on others and expect no push back? Are you kidding me?

Do you know who you are talking to and about Loki? I played WoC from 2003-2011, I ran in Spitfire for almost 7 years. Over 7 years we accumulated over 5,000$ in orb list and you know what came along with it? At least 1,000 main hits, and at least five dozen haters, do I seem phased? NOPE, because NEWSFLASH, this just in, when the dust settled... Who was number one? I have nothing to prove to you or anyone, but my point here is this. I don't show up on here trying to claim other teams accolades or prop up the past like you did something stellar when you can't top what I just mentioned. This isn't a competition by no means, but you don't see me in chat bragging about it like you have been. From my experience, when you start throwing accolades in people's faces, it just pisses them off more. But there' a difference between you and I, what I have done is documented and EVERY player who mattered knows what Spitfire did. However everything you claimed, has no data or facts behind it. Do I care, no, however, don't get upset when people call you out on your claims.. and if you don't like it... shut the hell up? Silence is golden my friend.

You are an adult, you need to handle things like an adult. That goes whether or not people are acting like adults to you. You need to grow a thick skin and move on and change your tactics. You created this team of dislike to you, don't cry for mike to come to your aid making up and over-emphasizing these "harassment" claims. Get real man, you lost control, you lost your team, and above all you lost your respect from other people. Your actions on here are just proof of how you changed your tactics to attempt to get Mike's help to try to dislodge the team you created and you can no longer control. It's not Mike's problem.

So what people made nation names you don't like that were geared towards you, who the hell cares. Those nations are more or less propaganda, no different than it real war, or the lies and banter you have been so easy to dish in chat to everyone.

I just hope Mike can see through your crap, you try to use your "contribution" as a crutch to get sympathy from him and others. You donated the most, so what. You don't own a portion of the company, you aren't on the board of directors... what are you? A damned kick starter supporter. That's fact. Don't try to weasel your way out of what you did by running to the big boss, deal with your own in game social problems yourself bud. You made your bed lie in it.

Some things said were against the rules, but that goes for both sides. Don't try to make it like you are the victim, a sappy apology doesn't make you off the hook.

BTW, I have not belittled you or called you names in this post. I simply told you how it was, not everything in life is going to be how or what you want to hear. That's part of being an adult, is learning to handle that. I am not going to sugar-coat it because one player on an online game can't handle it... and above all you can't expect Mike to enforce that sort of thing because if this game ever goes big that task will be to too big to control. Be realistic bud.

Also one other thing, it's Alpha... it just started... we aren't dominating anything. If we are more organized deal with it, not our problem you can't keep up Mr. Mastermind. Don't expect Mike to run to your rescue for that too, it's a game, play or don't play, whatever you choose doesn't matter... life goes on.

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Thu Dec 07, 2017 5:38 pm

Hi Loki, and also addressing the admin team too:

If you would like to go off accusing me Loki that's fine, I admit to some things ive said being too colourful for the game chat, but this was before the rules came out,

But if you want to play the victim here, after everything you have done to me, well, that's just downright outrageous.

First of all, everytime you've had an argument with a player in chat over gameplay or life issues, you insult them, they insult you and then you accuse everyone of being me, I have 1 username in alpha, this one, and I haven't been making those 'loki is' type nations either but you still accuse me of doing so..

you have insulted me over being bald, making fat jokes, and even 'gay bashing' numerous times over me smoking a cigar (I wont go into detail of what you said due to the nature of language that's not needed on this forum)

during the last test phase, the times we tried to take orbs from killemall, we received nothing but hateful insults not game related for losing the battle..

As soon as you joined in with slayer and started monopolising the orbs you took it upon yourself to act like a complete god to everyone in chat, constantly arrogant and acting like you know everything, this breeds hatred.

Its far from my teams fault that the players on alpha are hating you for the actions you displayed to them, that's yours.

I will finish with saying, I'm not innocent, I have made hateful comments too.. But I will play my way through whoever tries to 'kill' me in game for anything ive said.. you apologised to the chat for 'the way you've been' even admitting you were being a total (insert harsh word)
but do you think after dissing, hating on, being rude, and acting like you are superior to everyone for 2 months solid will get the population to not hate you anymore by saying sorry?

I have nothing else to address with this, play or don't

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Thu Dec 07, 2017 8:24 pm

I'm very sorry to see you go Loki and I hope you'll reconsider at some point.

A certain amount of competitiveness and trash talk is inevitably part of a game like this. Personal attacks, as well as obscene language, in chat or nation names, etc. just repels players and is against the rules. Yesterday I renamed a couple of the nations discussed above, and asked the people who made them not to do that again. Eventually when the game is released and there are a lot more players I'll want to have moderators who can deal with this stuff. But right now it's just me, and we're just a few dozen Kickstarter backers. I don't have time to police every rule violation, and I'd really rather not start banning people at this stage.

I'm not trying to blame any particular person for starting things. I know there have been personal attacks from many sides. I'm asking everybody involved to please scale back the viciousness of attacks. Nobody's perfect, and this is just a game. Let's try to make it fun for all.

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Wed Mar 07, 2018 12:44 am

"If you can't explain it to a 6 year old, you don't understand it yourself" -Einstein
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