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Please note that we update these rules when needed, and though you may not have agreed to the updated rules when signing up to the forums, you are agreeing to to all updated or added rules. We encourage open and friendly discussion of the War of Conquest game and Community. Moderators and Staff have final decisions on all matters, and are here to make sure that the War of Conquest Community remains a friendly, fun place appropriate for players of all backgrounds, ages and groups. We reserve the right to modify or amend these rules at any time, and enforce them as we see fit. It is the forum member's responsibility to stay up to date on forum rules. Users who violate forum rules will be banned and offending content will be removed at any time, without warning. The length of the ban will be based on the severity and/or frequency of the violation.

1. Be community-minded.

Express yourself in ways that are constructive and will help to foster the growth of the community. Making comments in the chat channels and forums for the sole purpose of destroying community spirit will not be tolerated.

2. Personal verbal attacks are prohibited.

Also known as 'flaming' these are statements which are designed to personally berate, humiliate, or insult a fellow player on a level that has nothing to do with their gameplaying abilities. Text of this nature serves no purpose in building community spirit and will not be tolerated.

3. 'Newbie' bashing will not be tolerated.

New players are encouraged to participate in the chat channels and forums. All players are expected to be polite and encouraged to be helpful and courteous in their responses.

4. Inappropriate discussions are prohibited.

Muting and banning from the chat channels and or forums may result from any of the following: discussions regarding pornography or inappropriately gruesome and/or hideous subjects; discriminatory remarks which are sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive; excessive obscene or vulgar language; the discussion of illegal activity; or providing links to sites that contain any of the aforementioned.

5. Inappropriate nation and/or player names are prohibited.

Muting and banning from the chat channels and or forums, and renaming of said accounts and/or nations may result if the name contains any of the following: words or phrases that are sexually explicit, obscene, discriminatory, racially or ethnically offensive.

6. Spamming and/or flooding are prohibited.

Spamming or flooding the chat. Spamming is where a player repeatedly enters the same text, or garbage text into the chat window, causing the screen to scroll or fill up with this text. Generally speaking, repeating the same text more than a 2-3 times in a short span of time will be considered spam.

Posts will be considered spam when one, some or possibly all of the following conditions are met:
a) The post is off topic in the extreme.
b) The post contains nothing more than a long string of emoticons.
c) The post contains very few words and those present are obviously there just to make your post count rise, or to 'bump' a posts position.

Spamming the forums will result in the posts being deleted, the possible banning of your forum accunt, or, in cases of post counts or bumping, your post count being reset to zero.

7. Nations or groups that hate-monger will be suspended.

You may not organize nor be a member of any nation or other group within War of Conquest that is based on, or espouse, any racist, sexist, anti-religious, anti-ethnic, anti-gay, or other hate-mongering philosophies. Such nations and accounts may be suspended on a permanent basis with no regard for current winnings, monies spent or other losses that may be incurred by players participating in this activity.

8. Impersonating a War of Conquest representative, volunteer, or fellow player is prohibited.

Doing so may result in the permanent revocation of your chat privileges, temporary suspension or permanent banning of your account.

9. Distribution of copyrighted materials is prohibited.

You may not post or link to, nor arrange for the exchange or transfer of any pirated or illegal software, music, or other copyrighted materials.

10. Advertsing is prohibited.

You may not market, promote, advertise, or solicit within the War of Conquest chat channels or forums. This includes posting URLs to other gaming sites or their affiliate links.

11. Signatures

Signatures are subject to the following limits

Signatures may contain up to five lines of text (one line being that displayed on a browser opened to 800px width)

Signatures may contain a maximum of 175 characters, including spaces and punctuation.

Signatures may contain 1 image no more than 100px high, 500px wide and 12KB in size.

Signature images must fall within acceptable use for a general audience. Pornographic, excessively violent, and/or otherwise tasteless images are not allowed and use of such will result in losing your ability to use signature images

Links are permitted in signatures. Such links may NOT be a form of advertising for any commercial venture outside of the scope of War of Conquest. In plain English this means you can link to your own WoC fan site, your personal home page, or the home page of your goldfish, but NOT to that wizzy cool affiliate site.

12. Hacking of the server or fellow players' accounts and/or nations is prohibited.

You will not attempt to interfere with, hack into, or decipher any transmissions to or from the servers running War of Conquest. Hacking into a fellow players nation is prohibited and may result in all of your accounts and nations being suspended permanently. Using another player's password to steal, sabotage, or in any way alter that player's account, nation, or any game related items will be considered a form of hacking and will result in your accounts being banned from playing War of Conquest.

13. Account sharing is prohibited

Do not give out the password for your War of Conquest account to anyone for any reason. Doing so may result in damage or theft of the account and/or your nation by another player. Any problems that result from the use of your password by another player are your responsibility, and War of Conquest administrators are under no obligation to rectify such problems. In limited cases War of Conquest administrators may take steps to rectify such situations, however this will be considered an exception and not the rule, and will be performed only as time permits.

14. Client code is not open source.

You may not reduce the client software to human readable form, reverse engineer, de-compile, or disassemble the client software, except and only to the extent that such activity is expressly permitted by applicable law notwithstanding this limitation. You may not remove any copyright, trademark, reservation of rights, or any other proprietary language displayed on, in, or with the client software.

15. War of Conquest shall not be held responsible.

Any losses resulting from suspension of any account for any reason shall be the sole responsibility of the player. War of Conquest shall assume no liability, nor provide any refunds.

16. Mutings, warnings and bans are not to be discussed.

These matters are considered private between War of Conquest representatives and the user. Questions or comments concerning moderation methods will be conveyed through private messages only, and only with the parties involved. Private communication between War of Conquest representatives (including volunteers) and the players is not to be made public in the chat channels, on our forums, or elsewhere.

17. War of Conquest and its representatives reserve the right to add to, change or otherwise modify the Code of Conduct at any given time without notice to you. It shall be your responsibility to remain informed of the current Code of Conduct.

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