Vet Nation in noobe south area

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Mon Mar 30, 2020 9:25 pm

OK, So ignoring the fact VET's can make new names and start a fresh nation in noob land very easily....

I have found a way for an existing VET nation to move into noob lands. To prove it i took Orbholder (A nation from Kickstart) to Dest at 448S 887E, Its far into noob area, 200 squares into noob land! I could have made it to the south coast but its not a quick method... It has also unlocked the map for me to view that far to the south... (Which i like :) )
I dont know how long Mike can check back on monthly earning per orb but Orbholders should be on that dest for March earnings.

If a vet can make it into noob lands like that it is totaly unfair for new players and this method can easily be fixed..
...I'm guessing old players starting fresh in noob land must be a bit hard to stop..but it still needs looking at IMO

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