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Have an idea for how to make War of Conquest more fun? Let us know here.
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  • Daily Login Bonuses
  • Daily Tasks - Take an orb, Kill 50 defenses, Kill 100 defenses, etc
  • Continuous Daily Login Bonuses - 5 Days - 100 Creds, 10 Days - 50000 xp, 20 Days - 100k xp
  • Defenses can be taken over by the enemy much like they can fail, but another chance to also convert them to your defense
  • Hard Core Server - Defenses don't stand for 10 hours. I think this is a little much. I think 2-4 hours is more than enough. The current threshold of 10 hours is fine for the solo server, but how is anyone to ever hold if you can just attack back and have defenses. This balances everyone.
  • Opening the 500x500. Let nations attack all the way around. A nation gets setup in one area. Its very hard for a nation to come in or attempt to take orbs. I doubt your going to remove this due to how we have played, but this was one of the elements of the old game that made it interesting. Is a nation setup half way on the other side of the map, and could work its way in from anywhere and take stuff. Now nations have way more MP. I notice now from defending that it burns up quickly.
  • Public levelers at all tiers. Fix the defenses so they have an outrageous defensive wall that can't be beat by anything, and defenses behind it attacking back so people can level faster.
  • Top side of the game needs more balance as far as setting nations apart. I think new advances could help here. It gets to where after level 140 everyone is the same besides defenses. Basically all you do is burn a high amount of MP because your stats are basically dead even. Maybe re-scale the tech points per defense. Its really fun at the low level, because everyone is different. At the top everyone does the same things. The only thing that be a game changer is a zoth.
  • Tournaments need to be split into 3 tiers. 1-40, 40-80, 80+. If you go out of the fealty range your tournament points are wiped, and you have to face the nations in your fealty zone. This gets all tiers of the game active this way.
New Game Element Ideas
  • Orb Shards - Orb shards could be collected on quests, tournament, daily logins, etc. These shards add up and can be used to get special defenses/or special attacks per run (Just something that you can't get from advances) adds a new element to get players to play both sides. At RB or after X Days these defenses disappear, and can't be used unless you collect more orb shards. (Cool defense name: IOZ Killer :D). Maybe they last 30 mins, maybe they last 3 days. These crazy defenses/attacks can range from cheap for simple ones, and for the 30 min defense wiping attack it costs say 2000 shards. These elements don't need to be purchased, and they have to be earned in all elements of the game. This would really shake things up.
  • Holiday Events - Random resource like elements all over and the players who collect the most of them by the end of the event either get creds, rb, or a special defense. Also in fealty based tiers. These items can't be taken from the user, and the constantly appear randomly all over the map. This sets it apart from the tournament.
  • Random events for fealty tiers to collect certain items, or kill certain types of defenses or collect resources. People like the quests, but these events would be special. You could even create random things. Collect the Ruins of the Past, etc.
  • Natural Disasters - Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Tornado, Mud Slides, etc. Randomly kill defenses and squares.
  • Gift Boxes or Trees of Wisdom - Randomly placed all over the map and range from 1000 xp to 10 million xp. The randomness of say the 10 million xp is 1/1000 or 1/100000. These boxes appear randomly all day all over the map. The new set of boxes don't appear until say the first 20 have all been found.
Need more shake up and randomness in the game.

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