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Wed Feb 05, 2020 5:43 pm

@Admin, please provide full chat log instead of letting people only post the things they want people to see. Also, note that 90% of the comments in favor of Tupac are under his other usernames or are friends of his. (What is stopping me from commenting on this post with each username I have?? or getting my friends to comment on it? oh.. integrity... that's right) .

It is unfortunate that people can post snips of a conversation then spam the crap out of the post with multiple accounts... I have been punished by bans for this already. Yet it gets to remain up all the while being 100% bias to Tupac's case. Providing them with means to further corrupt this game in any way they can...

Tupac and all his friends can kiss my ""butt"". I may be the only person sticking to them, but I won't let them ruin this version like they did the last one. Sorry but not sorry.

Shame on them for this and shame on admin for allowing it to continue on.

Maybe we do need some admins that can give situations like this the attention the need, not simply a means for IOZ to trash talk others.

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Sun Feb 23, 2020 3:06 am

Oh the irony, accusing others of ruining and abusing the game. Here we have Mr Hacker AKA pretty much half the accounts on WOC

He struts the single player server in about a dozen accounts.

Current nations of his on the board are Anonymous, Capacitor, Egypt, Daedalus and perhaps, but doubtful Kenzy.

The lad is an absolute bully to those who allow to be bullied...but he hasn't enjoyed the past few weeks as me and Keane have kicked his butt around the map lol

He can't play 1 v 1....needs 2, 3 or even 4 nations to gang up.

As most have suspected, judging by his mouth running, his reluctance to run properly I'm 99.9% certain Hacker = Bhaal. Surely there cant be TWO people so despicably unlikeable on this planet? :)

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