Quest rewards and tier scaling

Is some element of the game overpowered? Or useless? Is there a strategy that's unbeatable?
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Mon Sep 24, 2018 6:58 pm

Quests could definitely use better scaling both with the reward and the requirement. The first tier is usually small and give a mild or small reward which is fine. However, the requirements for the next tier increase VERY exponentially while giving you barely any reward increased for the amount of time it takes. Even if you look at it as "this is just something you'll eventually get by playing normally" the reward you get by the time it happens will be completely irrelevant.

I can maybe understand the credit reward but the EXP rewards are horrible. Most of the first tier ones are fine and helpful for new players but others might as well not even give exp. My nation is level 102 and and needs 119k EXP to level up. The capture 4 Orbs of the Void gives a laughable 250 EXP. I can get more than that just for clicking on an enemy square and capturing a Void orb alone is 1000 EXP(which is a trash reward but that's another issue).

Extra tiers for quest rewards would also help with balancing out the reward given. 3 tiers isn't really enough to guess which level people would roughly be at when completing the quest.

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Good points. I've increased the XP rewards of the 2nd and 3rd quest tiers.

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Wow, that was a surprisingly fast change. Thanks a lot!

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@Mike, Would it be a good idea to add maybe more tiers and like scale them up evenly/but challenging enough to make them worth the waiting for and things.

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