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Have an idea for how to make War of Conquest more fun? Let us know here.
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My idea is to have players more invested in the resources they acquire and to develop them and eventually have small cities around resources.

For example an oil spot is captured, the player then places an Oil Pump on the square adjacent to the oil in order to provide that resource a buff potentially according to your Geographic efficiency doubling its output. These resource based buildings in turn would have other buildings that would like to use that resource. Adjacent to the Oil Pump a player would place an Oil Refinery, the refinery would consume some manpower every tick, but in turn produce more energy. This increase in energy would allow you to build some defenses as well as other buildings around these resources as the resource itself has become more important as life blood of the small city that would surround it. Other buildings that potentially could be placed here would be Residential Area (consumes energy, but increases maximum manpower),
Substation (consumes energy, but increases maximum energy.) Factory (consumes energy, but increases manpower recovery rate)

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