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Wed Sep 26, 2018 6:24 pm

Thank you to everyone who's written up their thoughts about how the game's been going since the Steam launch and what needs to change.

Going by the Steam reviews, the experiences of new players and the posts on this forum and the Steam forum, some changes clearly need to be made. Here are what I see as the main complaints that new players have had:

1) The game is perceived as pay to win, with players able to buy significant advantages.
2) Players are being jailed/harassed/etc by the members of the existing player community.
3) Players are able to purchase manpower, and so players who do are able to put much more time into the game than those who don't.
4) Players are able to use multiple accounts, another way of being able to put much more time into the game than others.
5) New players feel unable to catch up with the long established players who have already racked up huge totals in the ranks lists.

Let me know if I've missed any major complaints.

To address these, I propose creating a new, second game world, which will become the default game world that new players are placed in.

This second game world can have differences in rules/limitations, to address the above issues, by further limiting how much of an advantage a player can have over others by putting more time and/or money into the game.

Here are some ideas for how the second game world can differ from the first:

1) Limit to just one username per player, rather than the current limit of 5.
2) Limit on credit purchases. For example, a nation may be limited to buying (or receiving by transfer) no more than say $10 or $20 worth of credits per month. That would mean that no nation could buy any greater gameplay advantage than holding one or two Orbs of Noontide would get them. Alternately, credit purchasing could be disabled completely; this would mean eventually having to come up with a completely different way of monetizing the game.
3) The ability to buy manpower could be limited further, or disabled completely.
4) The above changes should curtail the ability of nations to harass others excessively, because it would limit the available manpower to do it with. But, if the presence of experienced players is itself a big problem, it would be possible to at least temporarily restrict the new game world to only new players.

Any feedback and/or additional ideas are greatly appreciated. I hope to get the second world going within the next few days.

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Wed Sep 26, 2018 6:57 pm

Why not go the other way and focus on making purchasing MP more affordable, that way with quests or a couple orbs more people could do it. I think if you restrict MP refills to much and reduce accounts then people will get to play a few hours a day if that, and the problem people seem to have is running out of MP while other nations are putting in work on them.

Or do something like scale down mp per attack and hp but keep the same Max mp and mp regen
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Wed Sep 26, 2018 7:53 pm

I think there also just needs to be acceptance that MP is going to be a wall for most people who end up leaving, as a 24/7 map you cant play on 24/7 is going to confuse or rub people the wrong way. Despite whats being said we are hardly around new people so I am sure most of the toxic community complaints are not from actual new players. That, plus as far as chat goes this community is not even toxic. The game is not pay to win so it seems its a communication issue or something.
"Where will all the martyrs go when the virus cures itself?"

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Wed Sep 26, 2018 8:06 pm

  • Remove MP limitations
  • Figure a way to pump credits into the new players hands (stimulus packages or quests pay out more or more levels per quest say 10 so they can keep earning) this is the biggest problem in my eyes they can't afford to play because they burn up their credits thinking they can just earn them. They then view it as pay to win model.
  • Particular days orbs pay more money or double down or triple events at random times of day or weekly
  • Single username will slow some players down
  • Restrict Game play time maybe a countdown timer for how much you can play in a day
  • Remove Double Defense - this kills the new players at low levels with defenses stacked
  • Remove the line push this forces the players forward. Make it like the old map so players can go everywhere.
  • Should be a game world just for the new players - maybe not this one but for the future or for a few months.
  • Integrate cross server chat for questions and answers

Mark my words another team will pull off domination on it. Players will still continue to struggle with lack of mechanics. There will be players that try to imitate what we have done.

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Wed Sep 26, 2018 8:16 pm

A second server for new players to at least have the opportunity to run a nation to RB is IMO the bare minimum for attracting and maintaining new players. I never got the opportunity to run a nation to RB before being harassed off the server, and I am a vet from the original game. After being jailed for settling land I forced RB and quit. Which if I understand the rules, would make me a game veteran, even though I never really had a chance to run a high level nation.

I wouldn't reduce the limit below 3, since there are three fealty levels.

I never had to buy MP, so it was never an issue for me. I wasn't fighting with anyone, I was just holding orbs while learning the tech tree and new game mechanics. Maybe lowering the cost and limiting the amount available in a 24hr period would be a better solution than eliminating it. That way the players with little money can buy MP to defend themselves without depleting their hard earned credits to much. The balance is between attracting and keeping players while also getting a return on your hard work and effort here. You have to offer an incentive to buy credits after all, and there will always be those who claim ANY game that has a monetary incentive is pay to win. You have to expect those reviews.

Personally I think the way you did pay-to-win is far better than most schemes I've seen. I was able to make 10 accounts, (now limited to 5) experiment with the game in newb and midlands, and finally run a nation into midlands that was dominant without ever touching my kick-starter credits. Maybe some of the veterans proclaiming how much they want to see the game succeed, should get on steam and reach out to the negative reviewers. Offer to help show them some basics like MP management. Who knows, you might be able to change their minds.

I also liked the idea of randomizing the world you end up on when creating a nation or rebirthing. That would go a long way into breaking up the ability of the veteran network to harass players off the server.

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Wed Sep 26, 2018 8:30 pm

I'd be ok with credit purchases being disabled. External factors like money should never influence how well anyone performs in a game, especially in one that is 100% PvP like this. As far as additional monetization, go the route of cosmetics because everyone likes cosmetics. Here's a few non-credit purchases you can make available. You can put these cosmetics on the main server too.

Nation Colors
Emblems- Any kind of animated emblem would probably be an easy sell
Emblem Colors - There are very few of them compared to nation colors.
Nation Border Colors
Nation Border emblems
Chat fonts

Another possible cosmetic would be home island customization. Right now everyone has the default topical island but you could let people pay to change theirs to look like a desert, have snow etc. You could allow for extra effects like rain and snow too. Decorations would help with customization too.

As far as manpower goes the regeneration rate needs to be significantly hire as you can burn all of it very quickly and it takes all day for it to fill up and is a big reason why being able to instantly refill is an incredibly powerful tool. Higher regen would allow people to play more often as well as reducing the need to have multiple accounts. You'll just need to find a good balance with the regen by allowing players to play a reasonable amount without having unlimited resources.

Something else you may need to address with manpower at some point is that it discourages people from playing in the same nation together. Having multiple solo player nation gives you more manpower and resources you can control than a single nation with multiple members.

The idea of being put on a random server at rebirth is potentially interesting since it would help prevent complete long term domination. It would also give people an extra reason to have multiple players in one nation since they'd always be able to play together.

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Wed Sep 26, 2018 8:44 pm

Surfa wrote:
Wed Sep 26, 2018 7:53 pm
Despite whats being said we are hardly around new people so I am sure most of the toxic community complaints are not from actual new players.
Reyortsed is a new player, WarMachines wiped him three times in six days. He leveled fast, so by the time he hit midland he had run afoul of pinheads. There he was stopped in his tracks and harassed daily. One comment was from a new player who was obviously harassed by someone experienced. When a new player from a gaming community like Steam comes here, often they are going to advance very fast. Kids these days learn games very quickly. That means they are going to quickly run into veterans. When I was playing and the new players would take my res while I was online, I would take it back of course, but I didn't harass them Instead I would help them, let them know about some basic things like purchasable techs with no time limit. That seems to be the number one thing that new players miss. As a matter of fact, Chebby had been running DSC without perms until I told him about them. What I am getting at is, they didn't hit me anymore even when I was offline. I didn't have to wipe and jail them everyday, although I did consider it with Bobby's world.
That, plus as far as chat goes this community is not even toxic. The game is not pay to win so it seems its a communication issue or something.
The game is pay to win. Nobody is going hold Fire without spending some money. That said, you don't need to pay to play. You only need to spend money if you want to go to war. The stranglehold by the pinheads is a deterrent to war. No one is going up against a team of 6, 8, 10 nations, whatever it is, because if you attack one you attack them all. No sense fighting with the other oppressed nations, that is like kicking your dog because your wife beats you. I know you guys are dreaming that someone will try and unite an opposing coalition, but you are acting like pinheads, so no one wants to play with you. The minimal satisfaction to be gained by kicking your ass is simply not worth the effort, you are not that important.

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Thu Sep 27, 2018 12:31 am

How about somehow attaching MP to the player/account. That way the teams can focus in one nation, limited in area, without an MP penalty. Then players can still have lower level nations for seeds, levelers, and personal lower level nations in which to pass the time while they wait for someone to go for their orbs. Make it so that they only generate at full recharge while online. Make it so that when buying MP their is an advantage to having more members online.

Just a thought.

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Thu Sep 27, 2018 3:52 am


Here are some ideas I have for a seperat server that is open to all. I think this would be very fun and have the feel of the classic version of the game.

- Remove Manpower restrictions all together.
- Remove splash attacks
- Remove Manpower resources or Make them Manpower Per Attack Instead.
- Remove Patron (Patron gives us veterans one of the biggest advantages)
- Replace manpower stats in advance tree with a mix of energy/hp stats
- Replace Manpower Burn with a Geographical Efficiency Penalty maybe .01 per 1 burn .. or well I'm not a math guy but this would be a way to address the manpower burn and hoarding the resources
- Replace Push Evacuate with auto migration at level 31 and 111
- Remove 500 zones and make the full area available until auto migration or rebirth
- Make resource and Orb nodes able to be built directly on. So we could 1x1 a single tile and place a wall or tower on it. If this is even possible, sort of make the resource and orb nodes act as tho they were empty when it comes to building.
- Add more Noontides, at least Four times the amount. like 100-150 Noontides.
- Adjust total defense to not be available until level 31 but still expire at 110 ( This would give the level 30 area relief from total D to learn and grow)
-Adjust the zones to be 1-30, 31-109, 110+ ( This would make Total Defense Only active in the "midlands" playing zone of the game)

Other than that change nothing.

You can create many servers yes? Why not try one like this here and tell me it is not fun!!!

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Thu Sep 27, 2018 3:54 am

oh and make mannpower a free statistic with no bar for use. manpower per attack would be how nations strategize advances for damage still.

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