Minimum Geographic Efficiency change

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Thu Oct 25, 2018 5:58 pm

I have a some questions about the latest change reducing the minimum geo from 25% to 5%

How does the change help prevent hoarding? If you had so many resources that your geo dropped to 25% then all of your resources would be wasted anyway because you'd be getting 75% less from them which would make you weaker than not hoarding them. I have yet to see anyone who knows to collect useful resources have geo below 90-95% from having too many resources.

Do new nations now start a 5% geo instead of 25%? Starting at 25% is already counter intuitive for new players.

Isn't the manpower regeneration penalty supposed to be what discourages players from having too many resources? Others have already confirmed that the penalty does nothing. If you're already at full manpower having 50% reduced regeneration is meaningless. I think you can do as far as having 99% reduced regeneration. Regeneration is too slow to make any meaningful difference in a battle so it's fine to have little to no regen. This may be different on Terra Bellum with the 3x rates but it isn't on Algaroth.

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