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Sun Dec 03, 2017 12:51 am

Welcome, Kickstarter backers, to the alpha testing phase of the new War of Conquest!

Thanks to the help of the small number of testers who've been playing over the past couple of months, we've had a chance to fix the biggest show-stopping problems. Now it's time to uncover the remaining bugs and identify all the gameplay issues that prevent War of Conquest from being as much fun as it can be.

Each element in War of Conquest -- each stat, each resource, each defensive structure, each advance and quest and purchasable tech -- should add something valuable to the game that helps make it more fun. If any element is so weak that it's useless, or so strong that it's overpowering, then it needs to be tweaked. One of the goals of alpha testing is to identify all of these balance issues and get them fixed.

Each aspect of War of Conquest should also be straightforward for players to pick up as they go along. If some aspect of the game is too complex or obscure, it may need to be simplified, presented differently, or have a tutorial created for it.

In order to build up a large enough player base to be successful, War of Conquest will need to be fun, welcoming, and easy enough to learn for new players. Any obstacles that get in the way of this will need to be smoothed out.

Ultimately, the goal is to make War of Conquest a lot of fun. Imagine thousands of people essentially creating tower defense levels to protect their own nation's assets while thwarting one another. The goal is to make this challenging and engaging for both attacker and defender, so that each success is rewarding and each failure feels like a learning opportunity to build toward future successes.

Alpha testing is the stage where we identify and fix all of the problems that stand in the way of these goals for the game. If you find a bug or run into an issue of some kind, you're encouraged to write it up on the forum and be part of the discussion on how to fix it.

I hope each tester has a great time both playing and contributing to the creation of this game. Thank you!

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