Two worlds for two kinds of players

Oct 5, 2018News0 comments

It was a valiant attempt, but doomed to fail.

From the start I’ve been working to balance War of Conquest to appeal to casual and solo players, while also satisfying the more hardcore players. It’s been a tightrope walk throughout alpha and beta, putting the right limits on daily manpower, the number of nations a player can run, and so on — to reward the most dedicated players for their efforts, while still providing a positive experience for the new player, the solo player, the player who can only spare an hour here and there.

Well, that didn’t work. The “happy medium” approach seemed to leave very few players happy.

There’s an obvious solution to the quandary, however — two different game world, for the two different types of players.

Today that solution is put into action with the opening of Algaroth, a fresh new game server that is aimed at new, casual, and solo players. Each player is limited to running only one username, and credit purchases are limited to no more than 2500 (about $25 worth) per month. Manpower is generated at the usual rate, geared to allow about 30 to 120 minutes of battle per day (depending on your nation’s level and how it’s spec’d).

On the other hand the original server, Terra Bellum, is now targeted squarely at the more dedicated, hardcore players. Manpower capacity and generation rate has been multiplied by 3X, allowing for much longer play times and larger teams.

Players are welcome to have accounts in both game worlds, and can log in to the new server using the same username and password that was created on the first server.

Another noteworthy new feature is the Incognito ability. Nations can go incognito, hiding their identity from other nations so that they can attack anonymously. This is geared at allowing would-be usurpers to strike at the more dominant nations without giving away their identity and inviting reprisals.

War of Conquest continues to evolve week by week. Thanks for your support, and good luck in your conquests!