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A member’s rank in their nation determines what actions they are allowed to perform. When you create your account, your rank in your home nation is Sovereign — this is the highest rank, and allows you to perform any action in your nation. If you ever leave your home nation and then later return to it, your rank will once again be Sovereign.

When you join a nation other than your home nation, however, you will be assigned the lowest rank, Civilian. Civilians are able to do very little within their nation. It will then be up to the higher ranking members of your new nation to assign you the rank of their choice.

To be able to change the ranks of other members in your nation, your own rank must be Captain or above. You can only change another member’s rank if their rank is lower than your own, and you can only change it to another rank lower than your own. A nation’s Sovereign cannot set another member’s rank to Sovereign, but they can set it to Cosovereign, which enjoys most of the same privileges.

Here are the different member ranks, along with their capabilities. Each rank has all the capabilities of the lower ranks listed before them, as well as their own specific abilities.


  • Civilian: A mere onlooker with no responsibilities.
  • Warrior: May attack and evacuate.
  • Commander: May buy advances, update map flags and modify the nation’s chat list.
  • Captain: May buy manpower and energy, research advances, and salvage defenses.
  • General: May change the nation’s password to join, remove members, build and upgrade defenses, complete builds, and collect the rewards for completing quests.
  • Cosovereign: May migrate, unite, customize the nation’s appearance, and delete messages.
  • Sovereign: May promote, demote or remove any other member, including promoting members to Cosovereign.


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