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When two nations choose to cooperate with one another, they may find it useful to become allies. Alliances confer several advantages:

  • When a nation runs out of manpower or energy reserves, it will automatically receive some from its allies, if any of those allies have built storage structures (see Storing and Farming).
  • When allies are attacking an enemy nation together, land squares belonging to both allied nations count as belonging to the same nation, for the purpose of flanking enemy defenses.
  • There is a special Allies chat channel that includes only your own nation and all of its allies.
  • A nation cannot attack its allies (this prevents accidentally attacking the wrong nation when allies are attacking an enemy together).
  • Some defensive structures automatically attack any nearby enemy defense that activates. Such defenses will not attack defenses belonging to allied nations.

An invitation to form an alliance

To invite another nation to ally with your nation, click (or tap) on a land square belonging to the other nation in the map view, and select Send Alliance Invitation from the menu. Alternately, you can click (or tap) on a line of chat or a message from the other nation. Once the other nation accepts your invitation, they will appear in your nation’s list of allies on the Nation panel under the Allies tab.

The list of allies

The Allies tab under the Nation panel is where alliances and alliance invitations are managed. If your nation has received an alliance invitation, you can accept it or decline it from this panel. You can also break an existing alliance here. Finally, if you’ve sent an alliance invitation but then change your mind, you can withdraw the invitation from this same panel.

Note that a nation can only ally with other nations that are no more than 30 levels higher or lower. If your nation levels up, and this causes it to be more than 30 levels different from an ally, that alliance will automatically be broken.

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