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There are many different quests that your nation can complete, to earn rewards in the form of credits and XP. For a list of available quests, open the Quests panel.

The Quests panel

Each entry in the Quests panel describes the goal of the quest, lists the available rewards, and (if applicable) shows your nation’s progress so far. Once you’ve reached a quest’s goal, that quest’s entry will include a “Collect Reward” button. Press this button to receive the credits and XP for completing that quest.

Most quests have 3 different tiers. Once you reach the goal for the first tier (say, capturing 5 squares of enemy land) and collect the reward, a bronze medal will appear in the quest’s entry and it will advance to the second tier (capturing 20 squares of enemy land, in this example). Once you reach this new goal and collect the second reward, a silver medal will appear and the quest will advance to its third tier (capturing 100 squares of enemy land). Once you’ve collected the reward for this final tier a gold medal appears and the quest is finished. Each succeeding tier of a quest has a higher goal, and greater rewards, than the last one.

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