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The tournament is a weekly special event that nations may choose to join. Winners receive substantial rewards in credits, XP, and bonuses to their Countdown to Rebirth (see Rebirth).

Each week a tournament begins on Saturday night. Any nation is able to join the tournament for the first two days. After that, the lowest ranking 1/3 of contenders are eliminated every day.

Nations rank up by earning “trophies” when capturing land from other tournament contenders, and holding it for at least five minutes. When a nation is a member of the active tournament, then its current trophy count and rank always appear on the Tournament Button in the lower right section of the screen, and its players see land belonging to other tournament contender nations as having a red outline, to make them easy to identify.

You can also right click (or press and hold) on a land square belonging to another nation and select the Nation Info option from the menu (which appears as the nation’s name followed by (i) ), to view info about that nation which includes its current count of tournament trophies. The more trophies a nation has, the more your nation stands to gain by attacking them.

On Saturday night the highest ranking tournament winners will receive their prizes, that tournament will be over, and a new one will begin.

Pressing (or tapping) the Tournament Button (found in the lower right section of the screen) brings up the Tournament Panel. If the current tournament is open to new contenders and your nation hasn’t joined it, the Tournament Button will read “Join the Fray!” and the Tournament Panel is where you will be given the opportunity to join. If you have joined the current tournament, this panel is where you will find information about your nation’s number of trophies and tournament ranking. On the tournament panel you will also find information about the current tournament’s prizes and a list of its top ranking contenders, whether or not your nation has joined the tournament.

The tournament only takes place on the mainland map; attacking a nation’s home island in a raid will not earn any tournament trophies, even if both the attacker and defender are tournament contenders.

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