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Each War of Conquest player can have one patron, and any number of followers. Your followers are all the players who have you as their patron. There is no downside to having a patron or followers, but there are benefits. Your nation will earn 5% of the XP that each of your followers earns, and 10% of any credits that they buy. This is extra XP and credits that you will earn; it is not taken away from what your followers receive. Likewise, bonus XP equal to 5% of what your patron earns will be split among your patron’s followers, and bonus credits equal to 10% of any credits that your patron buys will be split among your patron’s followers.

Connecting to a patron, and being a patron to your own followers, is therefore beneficial to everyone involved. It’s also a way to encourage players to help each other out; because each player can only have one patron, a patron will want to keep his or her followers happy so that they’ll remain loyal, and also to gain a reputation that will attract more followers.

You can offer to be another player’s patron by clicking (or tapping) on a line of chat from that player, and selecting “Offer to be patron” from the menu.

You can accept an offer from another player to be your patron from under the Connect panel’s Patron tab. If you have more than one offer, you can compare how much XP and credits each patron has been earning for their followers, to help you make your decision.

Under the Connect panel’s Recruit tab you can view a list of your followers. Here you can also see how much XP and credits they have earned for you.

Under the Recruit tab you will also find your own unique Patron Code. You can give this code to friends before they sign up to play War of Conquest. When they create their new account, they will have the opportunity to enter a patron code. If they enter your code they will receive a bonus of 50 additional credits to their new nation, they will automatically join you on the same game server, and they will become your follower.

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