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Each nation, once sufficiently advanced, undergoes revolution and rebirth. After rebirth a nation reverts to a more primitive stage and must rebuild its advances. But each rebirth also gives the nation a free bonus level, allowing it to grow more powerful with each rebirth cycle.

When a nation reaches level 101, its rebirth timer will start at 500 and begin counting down. As the nation’s level increases the timer will count down more rapidly: it begins by decreasing by 1 each day for every level the nation has beyond 100, and the countdown accelerates further once the nation exceeds level 120. Once the timer has started, the nation can choose to wait until the end of the countdown, when rebirth will take place automatically, or it can rebirth early at any time (so long as it’s been at least two weeks since the last time it rebirthed). A nation can also delay rebirth by placing well in a tournament (see The Tournament) or by winning raids and successfully defending their home island from raids, while being in one of the higher raid medal leagues (see Home Islands and Raids). Lastly, a nation can delay rebirth by purchasing credits — each 25 credits purchased will add 1 to the countdown (whether or not their rebirth countdown has already begun when they make the purchase, and up to a maximum of +1000 per rebirth cycle).

On the Nation panel’s Settings tab you can always find out whether your nation has reached a high enough level to allow rebirth, and if so, what its rebirth countdown value currently is. If your nation’s level is at least 101 and you would like to rebirth immediately rather than waiting for the countdown to reach zero, you can hit the “Rebirth Now” button on this panel.

Nation’s Settings with rebirth countdown

In one sense, rebirth seems undesirable because it reduces a nation back to a low level. However it comes with a long term advantage — in each rebirth “cycle”, it costs as much XP to reach a given level as it took to reach one level lower in the previous cycle. This is essentially a “free” level, and so a free advance. In addition the rebirth level bonus increases the level at which a nation begins again after rebirth, as well as the level at which their rebirth countdown will start. These add up as a nation rebirths multiple times, so that a nation will advance much more rapidly and be able to achieve higher levels than a nation that hasn’t rebirthed would be able to. A nation’s rebirth level bonus can be viewed any time under the Nation panel’s Stats tab. It can reach a maximum value of 30.

There is one way to suspend a nation’s rebirth countdown completely and indefinitely. If a nation occupies no more than one land square on the mainland map, and has not occupied an Orb within the previous 24 hours, its rebirth timer will not count down. This allows players to “suspend” their nation for any amount of time, for example while they go on vacation, without risk of rebirth while they’re away. It’s also useful for players who prefer to focus on raids rather than competing on the mainland map — it allows them to continue leveling up as long as they’d like without ever having to rebirth.

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