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In addition to the territory it holds on the mainland, each nation also has its own home island, separate from the fray of the main world. A nation can defend its home island and use it as a staging ground to launch raids of other nations’ home islands. Both raiding and defending from raids can be highly profitable sources of XP and credits. Players who feel that they don’t have the time or haven’t yet developed the alliances needed to compete for the more powerful Orbs in the main world can still advance their nation rapidly by focusing on raids and the defense of their home island, and players who do compete in the main world will find a new challenge and a way to advance their nation more quickly by engaging in this aspect of the game.

A home island with Orb Shards placed and some starting defenses built

You can switch between the mainland map and your nation’s home island map any time by clicking (or tapping) the “Home Island” or “Main World” button in the lower right section of the screen.

The Home Island button

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