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A nation’s home island is an isolated plot of land that belongs only to your nation. Other nations can raid and plunder your home island, but then they’re gone as quickly as they came; no other nation can capture your home island’s land permanently. Once a raid is over, your home island’s defenses automatically repair themselves and are fully operational again before the next raid arrives.

A new nation’s home island

Before your nation can venture out on raids, you’ll need to prepare your home island. First occupy some territory. You’ll want to occupy a fairly large contiguous area of land here, interrupted as little as possible by mountains and water, so that your home island settlement has good Geographic Efficiency. Make sure not to exceed your nation’s Supportable Area, which on your home island is only 20% of what it is on the mainland (see the Stats tab on the Nation panel). Something like an 8×8 block of land squares would make a good starting settlement.

Each home island has three Orb Shards — fractured fragments of Orbs that, like the intact Orbs of Power on the mainland, are imbued with generous and mysterious powers. You can place these Orb Shards anywhere you’d like in the lands you occupy on your home island. You place them in the same way you would build a defense: click (or tap) on a square you occupy and select “Build…” from the menu. Then click (or tap) on the Orb Shard in the Build Menu that you’d like to place there. To move an Orb Shard, first salvage it as you would with a defense. It will then be available again in the Build Menu to place at a new location.

The three Orb Shards (red, green, and blue) are the most valuable assets on your home island, and what you will most want to defend from invaders. The better you defend these shards from raids, the more credits and XP they will generate every day. Position them securely and surround them with sufficient defenses. While the Red Shard will always be visible to raiding enemies, the green and blue shards will start out invisible, and only appear when the enemy attacks close to them (within a radius of 3 squares for the green shard, and of only 1 square for the blue shard) — so you may choose to either secure them with defenses, or hide them somewhere inconspicuous that an invading enemy may not look.

A home island with Orb Shards placed and some starting defenses built

When building walls and defenses on your home island, make sure not to build so many that your Energy Burn Rate exceeds your Energy Generation Rate; keep the blue Energy Bar in the upper right corner of the screen from dropping to zero. Your nation’s Energy Generation Rate on your home island is only 20% of what it is on the mainland, so you won’t be able to maintain as many defenses here. Also make sure to keep your Geographic Efficiency at 100% on your home island, or else your nation won’t be able to maintain all of the defenses you build, and some of them will become inert and stop functioning.

Once you’ve placed the three Orb Shards on your home island and set up defenses for them, you’re ready to venture out on your first raid!

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