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When viewing your nation’s home island map, you can begin a raid by clicking (or tapping) the “Raid!” button in the lower right section of the screen.

The manpower that you generate and store on your home island is what you bring to a raid, so you’ll need to wait a while between raids to allow the manpower to build back up. Once the red Manpower Bar has reached at least 90% full, you can begin a raid. Note that on your home island your nation generates manpower at twice the rate it’s generated on the mainland; however, the home island can only store 10% of the manpower that can be stored on the mainland. Because of this, the Manpower Bar on the home island fills up much faster than it does on the mainland.

Once you’ve hit the “Raid!” button, you will be transported to another nation’s home island, with your nation occupying one square on its beach. A header at the top of the screen will show the name of the nation and their number of raid medals, which can give you an idea of how good they are at raiding and defending from raids. Your own nation’s current number of medals is shown in the upper left section of the screen, beside a medal icon. Medals are gained with each victory raiding another nation’s home island, as well as by successfully defending your own home island. Medals are lost when your nation’s attempt to raid is defeated, and when your home island’s defenses are defeated by another nation’s raid. When you begin a raid, your nation is always matched with another that has close to the same number of raid medals.

Starting a raid

The header when you begin a raid also shows the number of medals, credits and XP that your nation stands to gain if you win a five star victory, and then how many medals you’ll lose if you suffer a zero star defeat. If you manage a partial victory (one to four stars) then the medals, credits and XP you gain will be somewhere between these extremes.

You can look around this nation’s home island, examine their defenses, and get info on the nation (see Nation Info), to determine whether this is a battle you want to take on. If you’re not sure that you’d like to raid the home island you’re presented with, click (or tap) the “Next” button to see another option. However each option you skip uses up a small amount of manpower, giving your nation less to devote to the raid — so be careful not to overuse this. If you hit “Next” so many times that your manpower dips below 90% full, you won’t be able to skip any more options; you’ll need to either begin the raid against the final nation you’re shown, or return to your home island (by hitting the “Home Island” button) and wait until more manpower has built up.

Once you’ve found an island you’d like to invade, begin the raid by settling land, advancing forward from your beachhead.

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