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You can view some information about another nation by clicking (or tapping) on a square of that nation’s land (or on a chat line sent by a member of that nation) and selecting the nation’s name (followed by the (i) info icon) from the menu. The Nation Info panel will then appear.

The Nation Info panel

The Nation Info panel shows some basic information about the nation including its level, its area, the name of its Sovereign and its number of members, its Geographic Efficiency, and how many Tournament Trophies it has, if it’s a contender in the current tournament.

The panel also includes a table that compares this nation’s combat stats (Tech, Bio and Psi) with those of your own nation. The highlighted combat stat numbers are the stat that your nation would use to attack this nation, and the stat that this nation would use to defend against it.

You can also send a message to the nation, or invite them to ally with your nation, using the buttons on the Nation Info panel.

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