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Once you’ve captured land, resources or Orbs, you’ll need to know how to defend them. The basics of defense depend on a nation’s combat stats and Hit Points per Square stat.

In a battle, the combat stats (Tech, Bio and Psi) of the attacking and defending nations are automatically matched up. The attacker uses their combat stat that the defender is most vulnerable to, and the defender uses their own combat stat that will best defend against the combat stat used by the attacker.

The combat stats have a rock-paper-scissors relationship: Tech beats Bio, Bio beat Psi, and Psi beats Tech. In practice this means that, for example, if an attacking nation uses their Tech combat stat and the defending nation uses their Bio combat stat, then the attacking nation’s Tech stat is doubled for this attack. This rock-paper-scissors relationship between the combat stats is taken into account when the combat stats used in an attack are automatically chosen.

A nation’s Hit Points per Square stat determines how many hit points an attacker will need to defeat to capture a square belonging to that nation. A new nation begins with 6 Hit Points per Square, and can develop advances that boost this stat as they level up.

The combat stats and Hit Points per Square affect defense in different ways. The ratio of the attacker’s combat stat to the defender’s combat stat influences how much manpower the attacker needs to expend to defeat each one of the defending square’s hit points. The attacker’s Manpower per Attack then determines how much manpower is actually spent on each attack, while the defender’s Hit Points per Square determines how many hit points each defending square will have, that the attacker needs to defeat in order to capture that square.

Another stat that is important for defense is a nation’s Hit Points Restore Rate. This determines how rapidly a square belonging to this nation replaces hit points that have been lost to an attack (that is, how many hit points are replaced per minute). Hit points continue to restore even while an attack is taking place. So, if a defending nation’s Hit Points Restore Rate is high enough to replace hit points at least as quickly as an attacking nation can eliminate them, then that attacking nation won’t stand a chance of capturing any of that defender’s squares, no matter how many times they attack! A beginning nation starts with a Hit Points Restore Rate of 12, and can increase it by developing certain advances.

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