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Once in a while when looking around the map, you might lose track of where your own nation’s territory is located. Or, you might know where you are in the world, but not feel like scrolling all the way back to your nation’s location. There are a couple of quick ways to get back to your nation’s territories in the map view.

One way is to click (or tap) the compass rose in the upper left section of the screen to open the World Map panel, and then click (or tap) one of the green “castle” icons on the map, which represent different places where your nation occupies land. The map view will instantly go to that map location.

The compass rose

An even quicker way to find your nation’s territories is to click and hold (or press and hold) the compass rose for a second. Your map view will automatically move to one of the locations where your nation holds territory. If your nation occupies land in more than one area of the world, you can do this repeatedly to cycle through all of your nation’s different territories.

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