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The goal is to develop your nation from a small primitive tribe to being among the most dominant forces on the map. This is done by fighting epic battles, developing increasingly powerful technologies and defenses, capturing valuable resources, and leveraging alliances and long term strategies.

A nation advances by earning XP (experience points). XP is earned for every enemy square you defeat in battle, every quest you complete, every successful raid you run, and in many more ways. Once your nation earns a certain amount of XP it will level up, and gain an Advance Point. That Advance Point can then be spent to develop a new advance. Advances may add to any of your nation’s stats that help in attack or defense, they may enable your nation to build new walls, defenses, and upgrades, or they may grant other special abilities.

There are many different ways to play War of Conquest, and many possible goals to focus on. These include:

Competing for Orbs of Power

The Orbs are ancient artifacts left over from a former age, that crackle with arcane energy and grant their possessors great power. They range from the relatively common Orbs of Noontide, many of which can be found scattered throughout the world, through to the singular Orb of Fire that can be found somewhere far to the east. The nation that captures and successfully defends an Orb is rewarded with a certain amount of XP and winnings for every hour that they keep the Orb in their possession. Winnings can be traded in for credits (the in-game currency). The rarer a type of Orb is, the more generous are its rewards.

The Orbs are the most coveted prizes in the game, as they grant the nations that possess them the ability to advance much more rapidly.

Raids and Defense of the Home Island

While every nation has a presence within the single, huge mainland game world, each nation also has a home island of its own. Other nations can’t take over your home island, but they can raid it, battling your defenses in an attempt to steal your treasure. Likewise, you can raid the home islands of other nations.

Raiding other nations’ home islands, as well as successfully defending your own, can both be highly profitable sources of XP and Credits. Players who feel that they don’t have the time or haven’t yet developed the alliances needed to compete for the more powerful Orbs in the main world can still advance their nation rapidly by focusing on raids and the defense of their home island.

The Tournament

Each weekend a new tournament begins. Any nation can join the tournament, and throughout the week can score points (tournament Trophies) by attacking other nations that are part of that week’s tournament. Each day the lowest scoring nations are eliminated, until the tournament finishes and the top scoring nations receive a generous prize of XP and Credits.


Another way of earning XP and credits in the main game world is to build and defend special structures such as Fuel Tanks and Hydroponic Gardens. These structures gradually fill up, and the closer they are to full, the more rapidly they generate XP and Credits. These structures are emptied if they’re captured by another nation, though, so it’s important to keep them well defended. Farming is another way to advance your nation, that doesn’t require attacking other nations. You can use it to develop your own nation, or to generate XP to later trade for credits with another nation (see Uniting).


Some players choose to chase high positions in the various monthly and all-time Ranks lists. On the Connect panel, under the Ranks tab, there are ranks lists for XP earned, Orb winnings, Raid Medals, Tournament Trophies, Quests completed, and much more. Climbing the ranks in these lists shows that yours is a nation to be reckoned with.

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