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Going incognito is a special ability that hides the identity of a nation and its members from other nations. An incognito nation appears black on the map, and its name isn’t seen by other nations. Other nations also can’t view information about an incognito nation, and don’t learn the identity of an incognito nation that has captured their Orbs or resources.

Incognito becomes available once a nation has researched Mass Illusion (the same advance that makes Invisibility available). To become incognito, go to the Nation panel’s Settings tab, and check the Incognito checkbox. Once a nation has become incognito, it must remain incognito for at least 2 hours.

Going incognito comes with a steep price: 40% of the energy that the nation generates is used keeping its identity hidden from others. That means much less energy is available to the nation to maintain its defenses.

Because an incognito nation can’t support as many defenses, going incognito is mainly a useful tool for aggressor nations who don’t have many valuable assets to defend.  And because an incognito nation’s identity is hidden, it allows the nation to attack more powerful foes without fear of reprisals.

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