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For many reasons, it’s important for your nation to keep its Geographic Efficiency as close to 100% as possible. (For more details, see Geographic Efficiency.) Geographic Efficiency (“Geo”) is a measure of how efficiently energy and materials can be transported throughout your nation’s territories. A nation will have good Geographic Efficiency if most of its territory is in the form of a small number of large, contiguous areas that are broken up as little as possible by mountains or other kinds of gaps. A nation will have poor Geo if it is made up of many small areas.

To maintain good Geo it’s important not to spread your nation too thin. It’s also useful to occupy a large, roughly square area (sometimes called a “main”) which will give your nation a strong enough base Geo to allow it to have a number of smaller holdings scattered around the map, for instance holding Orbs and resources, or as far flung “plants” that allow you to maintain a presence in various sections of the map.

A nation with no gaps has good geographic efficiency

Gaps decrease geographic efficiency

It’s also important not to allow your nation’s area to grow much beyond its Supportable Area value; doing so will also decrease its Geographic Efficiency. A nation’s Supportable Area stat begins at 300 and increases by 8 for every level gained.

The green Geographic Efficiency bar in the upper left corner of the screen displays your nation’s current Geo value. Note that your nation has different Geographic Efficiency values for each map that it has territory on — the main world, its home island, and another nation’s home island during a raid.

The Geographic Efficiency bar

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