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Migration is a fast way to expand your nation to a different area of the map — or even to pick up your entire nation and resettle somewhere new. It’s often much quicker than walking to a new location square-by-square.

To migrate your nation, move your view to look at the area of the map that you would like to migrate to. Then, under the Nation panel’s Settings tab, click (or tap) the “Migrate Nation” button. You will then be given the choice of whether to migrate your entire nation to the new area (this will evacuate every land square your nation occupies, and leave you with just one square in roughly the area you’re viewing), or to just send a small colony to this area (occupying one land square near the location you’re viewing, and leaving the rest of your nation untouched).

A nation can migrate once every 24 hours at no cost. If your nation has already migrated in the past 24 hours, a migration will cost 60 credits. Note that only a nation’s Sovereign or Cosovereign can migrate the nation.

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