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Fighting a raid doesn’t have to be a solo effort — if your nation has multiple members, there’s nothing preventing more than one of them (or even all of them) from fighting together in the same raid. One player will start a new raid by hitting the “Raid!” button. Then other players can join in on that same raid by hitting the “Join Raid” button. At any point while the raid is ongoing, players can leave the raid by clicking (or tapping) the “Return Home” button, and then later on (so long as the raid has not yet finished) they can return to the raid by hitting “Join Raid” once again.

The Join Raid button

Any number of a nation’s players can take part in the same raid at the same time. Keep in mind, however, that each attack uses up some manpower, so if multiple players are attacking then the manpower available in the raid may be exhausted more quickly.

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