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A nation gains and loses raid medals by winning or losing raids, and by victories and defeats when defending its home island against other nations’ raids. How many raid medals a nation has will determine what league that nation is in. The higher the league a nation is in, the greater the rewards it stands to gain from a successful raid, and the greater the rewards it will earn each day just by successfully defending its home island from enemy raids.

Current and next higher league

On the Raid Logs panel, under the League tab, you can view details about your nation’s current
League, as well as the next league it can advance to if it gains more medals. On the left side are listed the rewards your nation will receive for achieving a 5-star victory in a raid; fewer stars will earn you a smaller portion of these rewards. On the right side are listed the rewards your nation will receive each day, so long as your home island’s Orb Shards remain 100% full. When an Orb Shard is captured by an enemy raider, it is emptied, and will gradually fill back up over 24 hours. So the better you defend your Orb Shards, the less frequently they will be captured, and the closer they will stay to being full — leading to greater daily rewards.

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