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After your nation’s home island has been raided, you may want to find out just how the attacker carried out the raid so you’ll have a better idea of how you can improve your defenses. You can do this by replaying the raid.

Open the Raid Log panel by clicking (or tapping) its button (which is only visible when you’re viewing your home island or on a raid — not when you’re viewing the main world). Under the Defense tab you’ll find a list of all the recent raids that your nation has defended against. For each raid in the list, it will show how many stars the attacker earned and what percent of your land they captured, as well as how many medals your nation gained or lost as a result.

The raid log panel

You can click (or tap) the “Replay” button on a raid’s line in the list, to view a replay of that raid. While the replay is taking place you can pan and zoom the map view as usual. You can also speed up or slow down the replay, as well as pause it, restart it or exit it, using the controls in the lower right section of the screen.

A raid replay

Under the Raid Log panel’s Attack tab you’ll find a list of all the recent raids that your nation has initiated against other nations’ home islands. You can view replays of these raids in the same way. Replays of raids your nation has carried out can be useful for finding ways you could have done better, or to review raids that were executed by other players in your nation.

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