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New nations begin near the western edge of the mainland map. The further east that your nation travels on the great mainland continent, the more powerful the resources, and the more rewarding the Orbs, that you will find. However, you will find stronger and higher level nations as you travel further east as well, who are chasing those same Orbs and resources. As your nation advances in level and increases in power you’ll find it beneficial to relocate further toward the east every so often, to pursue greater riches, while avoiding moving so far east that your nation is among nations so powerful that you can’t yet compete.

To prevent higher level nations from straggling too far behind in the western areas reserved for lower level nations, each nation has a western boundary line that marks the furthest west that they can occupy land. This boundary shows up in the map view as a yellow dashed line. The boundary line advances a bit further toward the east every time a nation gains a level, and if the nation still occupies any land west of the boundary’s new position, that land is evacuated automatically. The map view also displays a green dashed line, which shows exactly where the western boundary line will advance to the next time the nation’s level increases. This warning line will help you decide just when you’ll need to relocate sections of your nation if you don’t want them to be evacuated automatically.

Yellow western boundary line. Green line shows where it will advance to when level next increases.

For low level nations there is also an eastern boundary line to prevent new players from accidentally making their way to areas of the map with much more advanced nations, where they wouldn’t stand a chance. The eastern boundary line also shows up as a yellow dashed line in the map view.

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