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New Player and Veteran Areas

A section of the game world is reserved for new players, so they can learn the ropes without immediately finding themselves in conflict with the more experienced veteran players. Veteran players and nations can’t enter the new player area, but new players can enter the veteran area if they’d like.

On the World Map a horizontal dotted line shows the boundary between the veteran area to the north, and the new player area to the south.

Veteran nations will be created in the veteran area of the world, and can only move or migrate into the veteran area. A veteran nation is one that was created by a veteran player, that was created by a player who started playing at least 90 days ago, or that is at least 90 days old when it rebirths or unites into another nation.

Veteran players cannot occupy land or attack other nations in the new player area, even if they have joined a new player’s nation. Veteran players are those who have played in a veteran nation that has rebirthed.

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