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The in-game currency, credits, can be obtained in many different ways; for example by capturing and holding Orbs, completing quests, raiding, and defending your nation’s home island from raids. You can also purchase them. To do so, click (or tap) on the (+) symbol on the aqua colored credits bar on the right side of the screen. You’ll be given a choice of several different packages and a drop-down menu that lets you choose a payment method. Click (or tap) on the button for one of the packages to start the payment process.

The credits bar

Credits that are purchased are transferable — you can transfer them from your nation to another nation if you’d like, using the /transfer_credits chat command (see Chat Commands) or as a payment to another nation for uniting their holdings into your nation (see Uniting). Credits that are obtained as in-game rewards are not transferable.

Buying credits

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