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There are several commands that can be entered in the chat entry line. These include:

Lists each of your recently active accounts.

Display your nation’s countdown to rebirth.

Displays how many credits your nation has, and how many are transferable.

Opens the War of Conquest player guide.

Move your view to the given map coordinates.
Example: /go 200e, 450n

Display list of all chat commands.

/info [nation name]
Display info about the given nation.

/m [nation name], [message text]
/message [nation name], [message text]
Send a message to the given nation.

Lists any of your contacts that are logged in and shows the total playing.

/redeem_voucher xxx-xxx-xxx, [amount]
Redeems for your nation the given amount of credits from the voucher code.

Restarts the in-game tutorial from the first lesson.

/transfer_credits [nation_name], [amount]
Transfer the given amount of (transferable) credits to the given nation.

/voucher_info xxx-xxx-xxx
Displays how many credits total and remaining on the given voucher code.

/w [username], [message text]
/whisper [username], [message text]
Send a chat whisper to the given username.

If you’ve already entered one or more commands in chat, you can use the up and down arrows in the chat entry field to scroll through the history of commands you have entered, rather than having to re-enter the same command again.

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