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The in-game currency, credits, can be obtained in many different ways; for example by completing quests, raiding, and defending your nation’s home island from raids. You can also trade in the winnings you earn from capturing and holding Orbs.

In addition you can earn credits by completing tasks such as filling out a survey. To do this, click (or tap) on the (+) symbol on the aqua colored credits bar on the right side of the screen. A web page will open with a list of choices for tasks you can complete, and how many credits can be earned for each. Once you’ve completed the task your credits should arrive in anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of days, depending on the task.

The credits bar

Finally, you can also bank up bonus credits as you play. Every time you level up, capture a particular resource or Orb for the first time, or collect a quest reward, you’ll bank bonus credits that will show up on the Bonus Credits button in the lower left corner of the screen. Each time you capture a square from an enemy nation you also have a chance of banking bonus credits. You can then transfer all of your banked bonus credits to your nation by tapping the Bonus Credits button to watch a short ad (on mobile) or by completing a task to earn credits (as described above). Note that after you’ve built up 25 bonus credits they begin to build up more slowly, so don’t wait too long to transfer them out to your nation.

The Bonus Credits button

It is not possible to purchase credits directly.

Credits that are earned by completing tasks, as bonus credits, or by trading in winnings, are transferable — you can transfer them from your nation to another nation if you’d like, using the /transfer_credits chat command (see Chat Commands) or as a payment to another nation for uniting their holdings into your nation (see Uniting). Credits that are obtained as in-game rewards are not transferable.

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