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Geographic Efficiency (“Geo”) is a measure of how efficiently energy and materials can be transported throughout your nation’s territories. A nation will have good Geographic Efficiency if most of its territory is in the form of a small number of large, contiguous areas that are broken up as little as possible by mountains or other kinds of gaps. A nation will have poor Geo if it is made up of many small areas. To maintain peak combat performance, a nation should keep its Geo close to 100%.

The green Geographic Efficiency bar in the upper left corner of the screen displays your nation’s current Geo value. Note that your nation has different Geographic Efficiency values for each map that it has territory on — the main world, its home island, and another nation’s home island during a raid.

The Geographic Efficiency bar

There are a few different stats that together determine a nation’s Geo. They can all be found in the Land Area section under the Stats tab in the Nation panel.

A nation’s Interior Area is the number of squares occupied by the nation that are completely surrounded by other squares belonging to the same nation — that is, they are not on the nation’s border. The greater a nation’s Interior Area, the better its Geographic Efficiency will be.

A nation’s Border Length is the perimeter of its border, measured in sides of land squares. So, for example, a 5×5 block of squares has a Border Length of 20, while a single square by itself would have a Border Length of 4. To maintain a good Geographic Efficiency, a nation will need to keep its Border Length from becoming too high.

A nation’s Supportable Area stat is the total number of squares the nation can manage efficiently — if a nation has excess area beyond its Supportable Area, its Geographic Efficiency will suffer. A nation can never occupy more land than twice its supportable area.

For the mathematically inclined, a nation’s Geographic Efficiency is calculated as:

(Interior Area – Excess Area) / Border Length

So, to maintain good Geographic Efficiency a nation should occupy close to its full Supportable Area, and should be composed of one or a few large, contiguous territories that are roughly square in shape and interrupted as little as possible by mountains and water. Scattered individual or small groups of squares, such as to hold Orbs or resources, will need to be limited in number to avoid compromising Geo too badly.

A nation can develop advances and capture resources that will boost its Geographic Efficiency beyond this base value.

A nation with no gaps has good geographic efficiency

Gaps decrease geographic efficiency

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